Authentic Italian Dishes in Pattaya

The History of Italian Food

Here at La Costa by L’Italiano we pride ourselves in serving some of the best Italian food in Pattaya. From great regional dishes to succulent seafood and the best steaks cooked Italian style.
Italian food is loved around the world and has been formed by many influences from history and from other countries. If you mention pasta or pizza to anybody from any country they will know what you are talking about.
Italian cuisine today is very regional, using locally sourced ingredients that are seasonal and readily available. The addition of fresh herbs and gentle spices add to the aromas and taste of this wonderful cuisine.

The First Recorded Italian Food

Historians have traced back authentic Italian food to the 8th Century BC when Greek settlers appeared in Magna Graecia and Sicily.
Much of Italian food that comes from the mountainous north is influenced heavily by French cooking techniques and local mountain type food. Dishes such as trifola d’Alba is a speciality from this region.

Magna Graecia

Magna Grecia was a region in southern Italy and the cuisine leans heavily on Greek influences. Dishes often contained pickled olives, dry figs, chickpeas and lupins together with local pork or boar and dried fish. Thess ancient cuisines often find their way onto festival menus to add authenticity of the past.

The Middle Ages

Italy has had many invaders in its rich and varied past, including barbarians dating back to the 5th Century AD. These conquering hordes brought with them their own types of food which included baked pies, stuffed pastries and the art of roasting meats.
During 1000 AD the Italians augmented their diets by adding fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is generally accepted that this period was the revival of true Italian food.


No history of Italian food would be complete without mentioning Pizza, this iconic dish was immensely popular in ancient Rome, Babylon and even Egypt. In ancient times the humble pizza would have been baked on a hot stone and was often eaten with a soup or stew.
Pizzas started to receive various toppings around the Middle Ages which included spices, herbs and olive oil. And the foundations of what we know as pizza today was being formed. Bit by bit ingredients started to change, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese became popular and the world famous fast food dish was born.
The modern pizza that we all love and enjoy today came in the 19th Century in Naples. The most famous pizza makers of the time created a special flat bread for the visit of King Umberto and his queen Margherita. The resulting dish was rather rustic, consisting dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil and was called Pizza Margherita.
The Italian cuisine is as varied as its landscape, from the mountainous north to the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany to the coast in the south. It can be simple and rustic for country folks or fine and delicate for the wealthy.