Different Cuts of Meat

The Different Cuts of Beef for Steaks

Going out to enjoy a good steak is one of the best culinary experiences you can possibly have, especially if you happen to be dining at one of the best steak restaurants in Pattaya. La Costa by L’Italiano have some of the finest imported beef in the city, and they know exactly how to cook it to perfection.
But if you are not used to ordering steak in a restaurant it can be a really daunting experience as there are so many cuts to choose from and ways it can be cooked. From Ribeye to Tenderloin and everything in between, in this blog we will discover the different types of steak cuts that can be found in most steak restaurants.


Taken from the rib section of the animal a Ribeye is a very popular cut to choose, this is because of the beautiful meaty flavor it has. The marbling in the cut enhances the flavour as the steak is cooked and it imparts a great tenderness also. Compared to other steaks it has the most fat and that is where the tenderness comes from.


The Tenderloin is sometimes called Fillet, Chateaubriand or Filet Mignon. The cut is a long oblong in shape that is found between the Sirloin and the Short Sirloin area. There are three distinct parts of a tenderloin: the tbutt, the tcenter cut and the tail.
The center cut is often called the Fillet, and is often considered as the most exclusive steak and can be the most expensive. Although it is extremely tender it often lacks taste as it is very lean.

T-Bone and Porterhouse

Why choose between a fillet and a New Your Strip when you can have both in one cut of steak. The T-Bone and the Porterhouse are basically the same cut of beef only the size is different.
On one side of the T-Bone is a Fllet while on the other is a New York strip, which gives the diner the best of both worlds. Cooking a T-Bone can be tricky as the Fillet cooks a lot faster.

New York Strip

This cut has many names, including Strip Steak, Sirloin, or Shell Steak. It is the most common cut of beef For a Steak restaurant as it has good marbling and also moderately tender. Its main allurement is its distinctly beefy flavor, and is a classic amongst steaks.
This cut of meat is taken from the short loin of the cow and because of its fat content and being fine grained it is a popular choice for people who want a classic taste of beef.

Cheaper Cuts

Rump, Flank, Tri-Tip, Chuck, Hangar, Flap, Flat Iron, Charcoal steaks are not often served in a posh steakhouse and are cheaper cuts of meat than those we have already mentioned.
However, don’t ignore these cuts if you are having a BBQ at home as they can be delicious. Often they have a strong beefy taste although can be slightly tougher in texture than other cuts.
The main difference is in their cooking, each of these cuts will take a little longer to cook and the best method is quickly char the outside to keep the juices in, then lower the heat and cook until medium.
Whichever cut you choose it is all down to personal taste, many chefs would select something like a rump steak if they had the choice, this is purely down to the strong beefy flavour.