Steak Dishes From Around The World

Steak Dishes From Around the World

Steak is the emblem of every carnivore, different countries prefer their steaks cut differently cooked differently, and served with different sauces.
Good steak restaurants such as La Costa in Pattaya treat their steaks simply which is many top chefs prefered cooking technique. Depending on which cuts of meat they serve, simply flame grilled or pan fried steak in a little butter or olive oil is the ultimate way to treat good meat.
However, the techniques and preparation for cooking steak does change the world over and how different restaurants serve their steaks almost becomes their signature, in this blog we discover some of the very best.

Caveman - T-Bone Steak with Hellfire Hot Sauce

The Caveman comes from the USA and should not be attempted by anybody that cannot take spicy food. The steak is cooked on the actual embers of the grill, the ultimate flame-grilling technique.
This produces a rough crusty char on the surface of the meat and imparts a real smoky flavor also that you cannot get from a grill grate. After resting, the steak is covered in a mixture of jalapenos, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper. The result are T-Bones with amazing texture and off the chart spice power.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Italians prefer to keep their meat dishes simple and they love their steaks rare. This particular steak is a Porterhouse, and it is usually cooked over a log fire until the meat is completely seared all over, with a dark crust but the inside pink and rare.
The recommended cut is a dry-aged Chianini steak which is raised in Tuscany, seasoned liberally with salt and pepper and drizzled with green Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

Oaxacan-Style Grilled Sirloin

Mexico’s national steak is the Carno asado (grilled meat), which are delicate wafers of top round or sirloin beef just seasoned and then cooked on a charcoal grill. It is a favorite at festivals and special occasions, where the succulent meat is then served in green tortillas and smothered in grilled chiles and onions.

Nonya-Style Flank Steak

Nonya literally means grandmother in Malay, and describes a way of cooking that combines mostly Chinese ingredients such as soy and oyster sauce, together with more traditional Malay flavours like turmeric, chiles and coconut milk.
This dish can be made with skirt, flank, or rib eye cut into thin diagonal slices and depending on the thickness cooked to perfection.

Croatian Cheesesteak

The American city of Philadelphia has a big reputation for cheesesteak, but it has stiff opposition from the Croatian city of Split. The dish is constructed using thin slices of sirloin and made even thinner by pounding them with a mallet.
The thin steaks are then folded and stuffed with cheese, smoked ham and mushrooms then grilled for about a minute a side, it is a sort of reverse steak sandwich without any bread.
There is nothing quite like a simply grilled steak, but sometimes a variation can be refreshing and a welcome change.