How to Order Steak

How to Order Your Steak

One of the great pleasures in life is going out to eat dinner, the experience starts early in the day or perhaps the evening before when you are planning what type of food you would like to eat and what restaurant you wish to dine at. Questions such as do you try somewhere new or an old favourite haunt? And what to eat when you get there? These questions set up your day, and you change your mind at least a dozen times or so before you decide. If you are in the mood for Steak and you live in Pattaya, you are spoilt for choice as far as restaurants go and one of the best is La Costa by L’Italiano. There are many steakhouses in Pattaya and La Costa is one of the very best, offering superb imported beef and cooked exactly as it should be.

How to Order Your Steak

Steakhouses can be a little intimidating if you are a novice to meat, they are normally elegant establishments with a great deal of traditions, one of which is how to order your cut of meat and then direct how it should be cooked. Just like wine, try and get over the snobbery that some waiters and restaurants have, order what you like to eat, period. But there are indicators to pay attention to so you order with the correct knowledge, these include how do you tell it is quality beef, and which cuts are most flavourful? This blog will give you some inside tips and info from the restaurant business, so you will feel more comfortable in your next visit to a steak restaurant.

The Most Tender Cuts are Never the Most Flavourful

If you prefer your steak tender, then order a fillet as it is very lean and low in fat content. But if you want a lovely strong beefy flavour, go for something like a ribeye, it is full of marbling that has terrific flavour. If however, you are a bit of a ditherer then s striploin is ideal as it is a little bit of everything, in some restaurants this is described as a porterhouse.

Don’t Choose Purely on Price

The most expensive steak on the menu isn’t always the best, sometimes a cheaper steak will be just delicious. Look for the chef’s recommendation, although a Wagyu long-bone ribeye might be the house speciality, however the best bet and value for money may be something like a short rib.

Rare or Well-Done?

Going back to a question we have already answered, to order how your steak is cooked is purely personal taste. But we would like to offer a suggestion, medium-rare is the perfect temperature for the meat to be cooked, and this means the steak is at the most juicy and has had long enough on the grill to capture the char-grilled taste and also enough time to seal all the juices in. Here at La Costa our waiters will be happy to help you decide upon your cut of meat. We do not discriminate on our patrons choices we just want you to enjoy your food in a relaxed ambience.