How to Order Steak

How to Order Your Steak

One of the great pleasures in life is going out to eat dinner, the experience starts early in the day or perhaps the evening before when you are planning what type of food you would like to eat and what restaurant you wish to dine at. Questions such as do you try somewhere new or an old favourite haunt? And what to eat when you get there? These questions set up your day, and you change your mind at least a dozen times or so before you decide. If you are in the mood for Steak and you live in Pattaya, you are spoilt for choice as far as restaurants go and one of the best is La Costa by L’Italiano. There are many steakhouses in Pattaya and La Costa is one of the very best, offering superb imported beef and cooked exactly as it should be.

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Different Cuts of Meat

The Different Cuts of Beef for Steaks

Going out to enjoy a good steak is one of the best culinary experiences you can possibly have, especially if you happen to be dining at one of the best steak restaurants in Pattaya. La Costa by L’Italiano have some of the finest imported beef in the city, and they know exactly how to cook it to perfection.
But if you are not used to ordering steak in a restaurant it can be a really daunting experience as there are so many cuts to choose from and ways it can be cooked. From Ribeye to Tenderloin and everything in between, in this blog we will discover the different types of steak cuts that can be found in most steak restaurants.

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Steak Dishes From Around The World

Steak Dishes From Around the World

Steak is the emblem of every carnivore, different countries prefer their steaks cut differently cooked differently, and served with different sauces.
Good steak restaurants such as La Costa in Pattaya treat their steaks simply which is many top chefs prefered cooking technique. Depending on which cuts of meat they serve, simply flame grilled or pan fried steak in a little butter or olive oil is the ultimate way to treat good meat.

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Wine & Beef Combinations

The Best Wine to Drink With Beef and Steak

The residents of Pattaya are fortunate to have some great restaurants that serve steak and one of the best steakhouses in Pattaya is La Costa by L’ Italiano. La Costa serve classic beef cuts and know how to serve their steaks cooked to perfection as ordered by their patrons.
The choice what to drink with steak seems fairly obvious as red wine fits the bill, but there are several types of beef dishes that a little more imagination can be used. La Costa has a comprehensive wine cellar to produce the best wine and steak pairings, and in this blog we have some suggestions.

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