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If you love first class Italian cuisine with its delectable pastas, pizzas, meat and seafood dishes you will love the Italian Delivery option from La Costa by L’Italiano.

Perhaps you can not come down to our great restaurant on Pattaya Beach Road but still feel the urge to eat our fabulous cuisine then no longer worry. have carefully selected a menu that will arrive to your door exactly as it would be served to you in our luxury restaurant.

Our restaurant consists of a large air-conditioned lounge, which can accommodate nearly one hundred diners leading out to an outdoor terrace directly on Pattaya Beach Road. And the same talented chefs that prepare your al la carte meals in our popular Italian restaurant also create the delivery dishes.

La Costa by L’Italiano is proud of our splendid location right on Pattaya Beach Road in the prestigious Hotel LK Empress.

Of course we have been serving delicious Italian food to our loyal clientele at this superb location since April 2017, some of our diners prefer the spectacular surroundings of our prestigious dining room and others take advantage of our patio seating area overlooking Pattaya Bay.

Italian food is also associated with Italian coffee, and many of our patrons just pop in for a leisurely cup of delicious coffee anytime during the day. La Costa only serves the freshest coffee made the authentic Italian way, and some of the great coffees you can enjoy are:-

Espresso or Caffee

A caffee is also the name for a shot of espresso, this strong dark coffee is served in a tiny cup and can be drank all throughout the day. It is most popular later on in the day when milky coffee is frowned on by Italians.

A caffee corretto is an espresso plus a shot of liquor, normally grappa, sambucca or cognac, but the option is totally up to you.


Cappuccino is probably the most famous Italian coffee of all, you make it by combining a third each of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. In Italy, Italians eat certain foods and drink specific drinks at certain times of the day. The reason behind this is all to do with digestion.

Cappuccino is considered a morning drink to be consumed before 11am as Italians feel that with all the milk and foam it is a meal in itself.


A Macchiato is a sort of cross between a cappuccino and an espresso, basically it is an espresso with a drop or two of hot milk and comes served in an espresso cup. Since it is not as grand as a cappuccino, Italians drink Macchiatos at any time of the day.


A marriage of bitter espresso and delectable cocoa that is simply delicious. Take a glass mug and give it a shot of espresso, then put a layer of foam on top and sprinkle cocoa powder on the top. Because of the foam it is more milky than a Macchiato and larger.


Another extremely popular coffee around the world is caffe latte, which is an espresso, steamed milk and less foam than a cappuccino. As a strict rule in Italy, milky coffee is only drank in the mornings and especially not after a meal.

The Italian guide to drinking coffee is a cappuccino with breakfast, a macchiato as a pick-me-up in the afternoon, and an espresso after dinner.

However you like your coffee at whatever time, La Costa by L’Italiano will be glad to serve you exactly what you desire either outside on our expansive patio area or in the air conditioned cool of our fabulous dining room.